What's up with made-to-measure?

Made-to-measure or Su Misura means that a garment has been changed to an existing pattern to your specific measurements and wishes. To easily explain the process, the measurements are taken from a main garment that sets the benchmark for what change is needed. The changes are then converted to a personal pattern/size, which is later used when the fabric is cut and the garment is produced. This is the biggest difference between made-to-measure and bespoke, where bespoke is based entirely on your measurements to create the product.

With all of our made-to-measure partners such as Cesare Attolini, Orazio Luciano and Finamore, you have great opportunities to adapt and choose from a number of details that make it your personal garment. When it comes to construction and design, there are several options within each specific element and atelier, which determines how the garment will be.

The main question you will need to answer and have thought about before your consultation is the choice of fabric, feel free to contact us before so we have time to prepare and produce the fabric samples you want.

When it comes to fabrics, you have almost endless resources, everything from the finest cashmere from Loro Piana to fresco wool from Hardy Minnis and coarse British fabrics from Harris Tweed.

We offer made-to-measure from Cesare Attolini, Orazio, Luciano, Rota Pantaloni, Mazzarelli, Bontoni, Caruso and Finamore.

From time to time we have the privilege of being visited by these very suppliers, them and we will always be available and guide and guide you.

Book your appointment by sending a mail to mtm@gabuccistore.com or give us a call.

Gabucci Made To Measure Orazio Luciano

Orazio Luciano Made To Measure