The rise of modern Neapolitan tailoring

In 1930, Vincenzo Attolini created what we today see as traditional Neapolitan tailoring while he was employed by Gennaro Rubinacci. He completely redefined the jacket, removing the shoulder pads, the lining and a lot of chest canvas, which created a jacket that was as light and comfortable to wear, almost like a shirt. He refused to be limited by his clothes - a real necessity in the Neapolitan heat - and many others seemed to agree.

It may have been controversial at the time, but he quickly gained well-known customers included King Vittorio Emanuele III and the Duke of Windsor, who reportedly discovered the charm of an Attolini suit after stopping a man on the street to ask where his suit was made. It was, of course, a creation of Vincenzo.

Today, the Cesare Attolini brand continues its tailor-made business together with finished garments and this jacket is a good example of their craftsmanship.