Corduroy, Faustian or Manchester?

The Corduroy dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, where fabric was woven near the ancient capital of Al-Fustat. Named after the city, this heavy fabric became known as Fustian. But unlike the corduroy, it didn’t have the raised texture which the fabric is known for today.

The corduroy we recognise today originated in 19th century Manchester, where its hard-wearing nature made it ideal for factory wear. For this reason, corduroy is known as "Manchester" in some parts of Europe.

The fabric peaked in the mid 70's and where worn by celebrities as Bob Dylan and Wes Anderson. And today, 2020 we're facing a great comeback for the beloved fabric we know by Corduroy.

Wes Anderson Gabucci Corduroy Suit New Balance
A young Wes Anderson in a navy corduroy suit and sneakers.