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Alex & Love Bonnier

Surrounded by souvenirs in a home inspired by classic nordic interiors and splashes of Mediterranean colours.

We where invited to the home of Alex and Love Bonnier to sit down for a coffee and a casual chat about quality clothing, classical arts and the feeling of being a super talent.


First thing first, who are you?

Alex: I am the founder of the startup ReRobe, an online platform for pre-owned clothing. Besides that, I do voice overs for cartoons, something I have been working with part time since I was a kid, and I love socialising and meeting new people.

Love: I run a boutique PR agency called 500, where we specialised in explaining complicated things in a fun, easily understood and creative way. We work with both business to business and consumer marketing and communications, and my job is as a consultant to our clients and CEO.


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Alex, you just launched ReRobe, right on time, vintage clothing, tell us about it and why?

ReRobe is a platform for second hand and vintage clothing. We want to extend the lifetime of every garment and help changing people’s consumption behaviour. Why should we share cars and homes but not our closets? To me, a shared economy for clothes seems like a natural path forward for the fashion industry, and we want to help build that.

but to be a part of the circular system it's vital to produce high-quality, sustainable items.

Fast fashion builds on trends, and more or less forces people to constantly buy new things. Last season's fast fashion is usually worn out or feels outdated, and often ends up in a box somewhere. The materials are bad and the production chain even worse. We look a lot at material and quality when we take in new items, and we only want things that we think can last.

Of course there is a need to produce new things as well, but to be a part of the circular system it's vital to produce high-quality, sustainable items, and it could be a lot less than today.



Classical art, Love, you seemed obsessed with this, how come?

I think art in all forms, ranging from the renaissance masters to contemporary Swedish painters – such as Martin Jacobsson, Christine Ödlund and Fredrik Söderberg – are interesting in their own way, and especially when viewed in the context of the current society at the time. If you are interested in history and philosophy you will probably become interested in art at some point. I also find the connection between art and other aesthetic fields, such as clothing, design and interiors very interesting – they are all closely connected.


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How would you describe your way of dressing?

Love: As with interiors, I find my main challenge is keeping my style coherent, since I like so many things, but I guess “preppy” or “ivy” would be my main style, combined with a bit more colour and pieces inspired by movies and historical periods that I find fascinating.

Alex: I would say it’s a bit like our home, haha - A mix of classic and modern. Of course a lot of second hand nowadays. I usually wear a quite simple and classic outfit, but add a fun detail, like a mini scarf of a pair of “fun” shoes. And I always wear a lot of rings, I feel so naked without them.